“The foam wedge has really helped me. It’s been 2 years and I’m still using my foam wedge everyday in the car and anytime I will be sitting for any length of time. It was a great recommendation from my physical therapist and now I don’t leave home with out it.”

Karen. H.
Occupational Therapist Registered

“I have been a loyal fan of your wedge foam cushion for over 10 years. My Therapist highly recommended that in addition to practicing their techniques at home, I purchase a wedge for any chair and one for the car. I soon became so addicted to it, especially while driving, that I didn’t go anywhere without it. I’ve even brought it along in rental cars.”

Shelley M.
Foam & Cushion Client

“Foam and cushion were very fast and helpful. Our couch was in perfect shape but crate and barrel cushions were shot. Got them replaced with springy medium firm foam and now they’re sittable. Great customer service as well. Directed us away from firm, thank goodness.”

David G.
Foam & Cushion client

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